1. The equipment shall have been used solely for its intended purpose and in accordance with standard operating instructions and the technical and/or Safety Standards required in the country where the equipment is to be used.
  2. Equipment is not guaranteed against fire, accident, misuse, wear and tear, neglect, incorrect adjustment, installation or repair, adaption, modifications, or use in an improper manner or inconsistent with the technical and/or Safety Standards required in the country where the equipment is used, or to damage occurring during transit to or from the owner.
  3. If at any time during the guarantee period the equipment has been dismantled or repaired by a person not authorized by Synth Repair Services, you shall not be entitled to any rights and/or remedies under the terms of their guarantee.
  4. The guaranteed period is for 1 month, unless otherwise stated. Please note that repairs that have been shipped via Courier the tuning is not covered by our guarantee. Any faults, which are different to the original repair, will be regarded as new, and will only cover by a guarantee if repaired under a new (and Chargeable) repair.
  5. If our engineers find No Fault with the returned equipment, and deem the problem to be user error, or if an Estimate (Written or Verbal) has been refused, there will be a minimum charge of 55.00 for diagnosis.
  6. While we make every effort to stay within our given estimate we cannot guarantee that the final cost will be as estimated.
  7. We accept NO LIABILITY whatsoever from consequential losses, which arise due to:
    1. Damage/Loss/Erasure of intellectual material/media
    2. Delays or
    3. Any other circumstance
  8. While every effort is made to complete the repair of your equipment in the shortest possible time, we cannot be held responsible for loss of earnings (or any other losses financial or otherwise), which may be due to availability of spare parts from either the manufactures or their suppliers.
  9. For non-account holders we only deal in cleared funds, this can be Cash, Postal Orders, Personal Cheques supported by a current cheque guarantee card. Business cheques will only be accepted from account holders, however, if you do wish to pay by Business cheque and you don't have an account, we must wait for these cheques to clear before any repaired items are released. Please bear this in mind if you need a speedy repair.
  10. When equipment is picked up and signed for, you are satisfied that your equipment is fully working and in the same physical condition (if not better) as when it was brought in to us. We cannot be held responsible however, for the physical condition i.e. scratches and marks, for equipment which is either not in its original packaging or a substantial flight case at the time of booking it in to be repaired. Please make sure you check your equipment before leaving our premises, as any damage not seen before leaving cannot be claimed and can only be repaired at a cost to you.


The ownership and title to our parts fitted inside any unit is only transferred to the purchaser at such time as payment has been made in full to Synth Repair Services, no matter on what grounds payment may be with-held or not made. In the event of bankruptcy, insolvency or winding up proceedings, Synth Repair Services will exercise its legal rights under claims for reservation for the return of our goods, no matter as to their whereabouts. There are no exceptions to any of the above.