Links of interest


Caig DeoxIT Sales :

Caig Labratories make DeoxIT D5 , the best contact cleaner for pots , switches and connectors you can buy . I've used it for over 6 years and I still do ! . UK Sales are through a company called Probus electronics . Call +44-20-8-866-7272 , ask for Warren . Caig also make other very useful products to keep your equipment on the road .

Roland Jupiter-6 Midi Upgrade :

Synthcom's Europa Midi upgrade.

Europa is a hardware and firmware upgrade for the JP-6 which enhances its MIDI implementation and adds new features to its operation.The best Midi upgrade on the market for the JP-6 , Period .


Miloco Studios London

The only Studio Group in the UK that just keeps on Growing . A bunch of very talented and friendly people .

Technical help and Muse Research Receptor Sales:


Run by Alan Bailey , the top Apple and Receptor Tech . Also supplies and installs Pro-Audio Systems to the Stars .


Mel Wesson

You've heard Mel's work in Dozens of big budget Hollywood Movies. Mel Creates Ambient Music Design for composers such as Hanz Zimmer and James Newton Howard . Mel as also composed a number of best selling library titles.